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Written by NeTTeR   
Monday, 02 February 2009 08:57
Skype works beautifully over the LAN! Mine is connected to the inet, but I think i can help you out.. Skype uses a similar technology to Kazaa, and Kazaa had something called supernodes--computers that kept track of who was where and such. I'm assuming that the Skype software automatically tries to act as a supernode. If it does, this should work:

Open the registry editior and go to:

You should see a bunch of addresses like:

Start up Skype on a second machine on your LAN, and figure out it's IP address. (If you're unsure how, pull up a command prompt window and type "ipconfig" or "winipcfg" on windows 95/98)

On your first machine, pick one of those addresses, right-click and choose edit. Plug in that other machine's LAN IP address with port 80.. Like: Then restart Skype and see if it can see the other machine.
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